I wonder how much tumblr hates JonTron now.


I wonder how much tumblr hates JonTron now.

Zoe Quinn Catch-all


This is gonna be pretty much all my thoughts on this ordeal, so unless something else huge comes out on it, this’ll be the last thing I write about it. This is everything I have taken away from the events that have unfolded.

  • Did she do the stuff she’s being accused of? Who knows, but given that she pretended to be ‘hacked’ and her recent movement towards ‘it doesn’t matter what I did’, I think she probably did. So she’s emotionally abusive, dishonest, and a shitty person.
  • Game Journalism is even worse than I thought it was. If Grayson worked for any real outlet he’d already be out on his ass, but game journalism seems to think they’ll all evaporate if any of them are proven wrong, so just continue adblocking and donotlink-ing everything.
  • Game Journalists fucking DESPISE youtubers. I thought they might, but this really brought out the claws. Granted, Youtubers are producing better content than them and slowly driving them into oblivion, so I guess it makes sense, eh?
  • Game Journalists are exactly as awful as the gamer’s they try to decry. I have seen so many shitty game journalists decry behavior while doing that exact behavior in the same breath over the last few days. Ya’ll motherfuckers ain’t any better than who you’re shitting on, you were just the first ones to crawl onto the empty pedestal.
  • On a similar note, Gaming Journalism is so fucking insular and incestuous that I no longer believe there can be any hope of it getting better without almost a clean sweep. So just fucking adblock everything, contact sponsors and tell them who they’re sponsoring suck ass, use donotlink, pastebin, whatever.
  • Game Journalists hate you. Yes, you, reading this. They hate that social media allows you to contradict them. They hate that youtube allows you to make your own content to compete with them. They hate that adblock allows you to choose what articles and content is worth giving adviews to. So fuck ‘em, stop supporting them, if you ever did.
  • Anything even tangentially related to feminism can never be reasonably discussed on social media because the two groups of chucklefucks that completely ignore the actual subject to throw shit at each other will immediately take over the discussion and turn it into another bunch of fucking nothing
  • There are a lot of indie devs that are fucking furious they’re not making as much money as they think they should be making.
  • If you’re going to pretend 4chan hacked you, try a little more than ‘not at all’.




The Nightcrawler, also called the Fresno Alien, is a mysterious new cryptid that has so far made two appearances, both in Fresno, California. On both sightings, it was only seen in video footage. It appears to be a relatively short creature (approx. 4 feet in height). It is an extremely thin, white humanoid with no discernable arms. It also appears to be wearing a white gown or cloak of some sort. The Nightcrawler is most known for being one of the two featured video cases on the second episode of Syfy’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. X

This post is inspired by thecryptocreep post:X

These freak me the fk out!


how much do you want to bet that this kid was jacking off as he wrote this

I keep trying to play the Wonderful 101 but it just isn’t very fun at all to me.  It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to playing it but every time I start it up it just feels like a giant cluster fuck.



All I know is that Zoe fucked somebody to get her game a good review. If she did something else I’m not aware of it.

There were five guys counting the Kotaku reviewer, and there was also the time she got the organizers of the Women’s Game Jam charity event doxxed and banned from Twitter because they asked her to donate a game to their cause. But honestly, it isn’t even really about what Zoe did - cheating on your significant other with five people is scummy, yes, but that’s a private issue, not one for Internet vigilantes. The real issue is more about journalistic integrity, or the lack thereof. Targeting Zoe isn’t gonna do anything in the long run, when she’s just the catalyst for one of many shady incidents in the field. In a best-case scenario, this could serve as a wake-up call about how easily-manipulated the gaming press is, but it’ll probably just be quietly swept under the rug, and the actions of a few misogynist fuckwads will be used as an excuse to silence any and all criticism of the situation.







that’s exactly what someone who’s dating their dad would say


that’s exactly what someone who’s dating their dad would say





Possible smash leaks. If not real, VERY good fakes. Even has stages that were literally only just confirmed last night.

this is probably fake as hell but i do love the idea of duck hunt being a playable character! it’s very unique and cute and out of the blue

b….bowser jr…. p…please….

Jesus Christ, if Dark Pit is playable, I’m gonna poop on something.



I wanna hang out with Godzilla. Drink a couple beers. Pal around

Play some Sega Dreamcast, fuck him in the ass.


This entire scandal has just confirmed to me that social media has basically destroyed discourse forever.

Everybody who disagrees with Zoe Quinn or the ideals she supports are going to use this to attack both because they see an opportunity to do so.

Everybody who agrees with the ideals she supports are going to defend her to the death even though they shouldn’t, because otherwise they’re letting their own ideals get savaged in public space. To them, Zoe Quinn is equivalent to their own beliefs.

Whatever higher being you do or don’t believe in could carve the truth in obsidian slabs with lightning before their eyes and if it wasn’t the truth they wanted they’d completely ignore it.

So you have two completely unreasonable, implacable sides shrieking at each other that in the end will accomplish nothing but driving more reasonable people away from discourse and causing them to think less of everyone involved.

That’s what I’m afraid is going to be the end result of discourse on social media; two lunatics, frothing at the mouth, screeching at other, while nobody else watches or even gives a shit because it got old long ago.

I just got a couple of Alacasso’s from Tokyo Otaku Mode and saved like $30 with those links everyone’s been posting.

Thanks guys!


i want an american version of dr who solely because of how infuriated its fanbase would be with its existence


"Boobs go beyond words,”-Kenichiro Takaki 2014


"Boobs go beyond words,”
-Kenichiro Takaki 2014